Adding money using Binance Pay

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov 2022 at 02:48 PM

How can I add money using Binance Pay?

You can now use your crypto assets to instantly load your Pyypl account. Simply follow the steps below and let’s get started.

This top up method is only available in selected regions. Follow the steps to find out if your region is supported.


1. Launch your Pyypl app

Launch your app and enter the passcode.

2. Add money

You will need your Binance account logged in on the same device as the Pyypl account. 

Go to the app's home screen, tap top-up, choose crypto and tap Binance as your preferred method.

Note: if you're unable to see crypto as a top-up option, it means your account region does not support topping up using Binance Pay.

3. Tell us how much you'd like to top up

Here, you will need to enter the amount you want to top up in USDT. You can see the conversion rate between USDT and your account default currency.

Hit top-up once you're ready.

Tip: Once you enter the top-up amount, you'll be able to see the minimum top up amount and maximum top up limit. Typically your maximum top up limit is equivalent to your consolidated wallet limit.

4. Verify your payment on Binance

Once you hit the top-up button, the app will redirect you to launch and login to your Binance account on the app or the browser.

You will need to enter your Binance Pay Pin. If you haven't set up the pin yet, you will need to set up a pin to continue.

Once you've entered the pin, you'll need to reconfirm the amount in BUSD on the Binance app. Tap confirm when you're ready.

Note: You must have enough BUSD or BNB on your Binance wallet to be able to top up with Binance Pay.

5. Confirm your deposit

You will now be redirected to the app, and the funds will be added instantly.

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