How to send money to Binance

Modified on Thu, 10 Nov 2022 at 03:46 PM

How to send money to Binance


You can now instantly load your Binance account using Pyypl. Let’s get started.

1. Launch your Pyppl app

You must have a verified account with funds in it. If you haven't signed up or added funds yet, you can set up your account in just a few seconds.


Launch your app and navigate to the home screen.


2. Select your transfer method

Tap send from the app home screen and select blockchain transfer. On the next screen, press continue.


3. Enter the amount

Now enter your Binance wallet address and the amount you’d like to transfer in your local currency. Once done, you’ll see the minimum transfer limit. This varies by country but is typically low. 


4. Enter the beneficiary

Enter the name of the recipient and tap next. If you’re sending money to your own wallet, simply enter your own name.


5. Send

On the next screen, you’ll see the details of the transfer such as the amount being sent in your local currency, the conversion in USDT and more. Verify the details and tap send once you’re ready. The funds will be added instantly.

6. Save

You can save your beneficiary details o make future transactions quick and hassle-free. Simply toggle the save option to save the contact.


That’s it. You’ve just loaded your Binance account with Pyypl. 



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